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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



s I sat here this morning at 4:09 AM, looking around trying to up with something to write about... my eyes scanned the top of my desktop. Since I can't come up with anything to write about, I would I list the things on my desktop.

Left to right, and not in alphabetical order... a not too scented evergreen candle, a slightly used tooth-pick, the computer camera, an regular camera, a pen, hospital bills in a pile. The we move on to my mouse and pad, a stapler laying on it's side, then a scissors, a half half-eaten bag of crackers, my car keys, a small container of Tic-Tacs, a small pkg. of those breath films, a tin of Altoids... (just never know when I will need fresh-sweet breath when you lived alone), another pen, a bag of sourdough pretzels and finally a bag of pennies that I opened and removed 5 pennies late night.

That was just the FRONT of row of junk. You better things to clutter in your mind rather than my desk junk. Tomorrow: Types of printer and color paper sitting on my shelve.


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