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Wednesday, May 16, 2007



amely ME... As you know within the last month I had 3 strokes. The mail has not become to kind me lately. One bill from the hospital was for $39,000.00 for stroke #3. The #4 and #5 strokes that I just had happen... already was billed to me and was received yesterday... these were for $48,000.00.

Ok... the hospital bill of 80% will be paid by Social Security... ummmm wanna guess who the remaining 20% will responsible for? Did you say to the guy that has no money? Uh huh.

I just did an email to the VA Hospital and that since SS will pay the 80% would the VA pay the remaining 20%? I got a response that the law prohibits two hospitals to submit the same bills. I tried to explain to the VA that they aren't the same bills. SS will pay the first 80% and the VA should pay the remaining 20%. If I came to the VA for all strokes, they, the VA would have to pay 100%... I'm only asking that the VA pay the remaining 20%...

Everyone understand what I asking the VA to do? Do you think the VA can understand what I am asking them to do? Now I know I speak funny now, and can't always make sense of what am I saying, but come on guys... I keep getting a reply that the government prohibits two hospitals from paying the same bill...

I am NOT asking the VA to pay the same bill!!!!! I am asking they pay for the remaining 20%. Assume I went to the VA for three strokes... using the totals from St. Luke's Hospital, it would cost the VA $79,000.00... but because I did go to St. Luke's I am saving the VA about $64,000.00.

Will someone explain to me, please, PLEASE what I am not understanding here?


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