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Friday, May 18, 2007



oman Coliseum. There you sat with friends, relatives and girlfriends drinking vino and having a great time! Or sometimes or just a drink of aqua. The more you drank, the more to ummm... well, you had to pee or worst.

What to do? I just discovered the Coliseum was not as primitive as you might think... There were 100 drinking fountains throughout the Coliesum.

After drinking from wine pouches or drinking water from fountains, now you have to pee... you would visit one of the 2 lavatories. One of the problems... ummmm, well... no Gents or Ladies separates toilets. That's right... Unisex bathrooms! One other thing... no doors... oh, another thing also... no toilet paper either... VOILA! enter the Bedate or how you spell it. Ummm, squat and water squirts up... all done, all washed.


Sometimes the defeated gladitors pretended to be dead, in order to escape death. The Romans caught on... so they walk around with hot irons... would stabbed you to see if you screamed and wave your legs in pain. They would finish off the job. LOL

Now how much do you learn from reading my blog? lol

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