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Tuesday, June 5, 2007



o, No, No... I can't believe what I just read. Browsing throughout the world of news, in order to you the latest in headlines and gossip, my mouth dropped so open... It's still laying on the floor somewhere.

Remember the TV show, Big Brother? I have to admit that the first year of the show had watching every week. I also have to admit, I also never watched it again after the first year.

Once again I was reminded why...

One of the housemates, Emma Cornell, one of the contestants... father had died while the girl was in the house.

Co-executive producer Kris Noble admitted he and the show's other producers were still discussing possible options with Emma's family.

But he said she would definitely be told off camera upon her eviction.

"We haven't worked it out yet – we don't have to right now because she has not been nominated this week," Noble said.

Big Brother will not televise the moment housemate Emma Cornell learns her father has died, producers have revealed.



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