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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



specially if you live in Clifton, New Jersey. As you know, I have written about some pretty stupid laws in the past on the "News", and this one ranks right up there.

Anyone out there who owns a dog, knows how much fun and lovable they can be... and what a royal pain in the ass they are... sometimes.

City Council in Clifton have come up with a sure fire method to keep your dog quiet. Punish you... in the pocketbook. If your little pooch barks 30 minutes straight, at anytime of day, you are fined $250 for the first offense. The Clifton Police Dept. will even spend taxpayers dollars to come to your home and give you the ticket. I imagine that robbery, rape and murder must be at an all time low there since they have the time to search out barking dogs.

But remember, you don't get a ticket unless the dog barks for 30 minutes straight... not 28 or 29 minutes, but 30 minutes and for two consecutive days. I guess it's okay for the dog to bark 30 minutes every other day.

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