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Tuesday, March 6, 2007



rowing and attending Catholic School, the good nuns taught us a lot. Steal... go to hell... Don't go to church... go to hell... Lie... go to hell, add any other sin... go to hell. Everything I did and I was heading to the big house down below.

The one thing the good nuns never talked about was nudity in heaven. Now I KNOW there's lots of nudity in Hell... but with all the fire, being eaten by goblins who has time down there to enjoy it? In all of the oil paintings I've seen, people in Hell are naked. People in Heaven have flowing gowns on...

God must like nudity because when he created Adam and Eve, they were running around naked, until Eve screwed it up for the rest of us. So you could say that God intended originally for us to be naked.

I'm not so sure I am ready to see dear Aunt Bertha nude in all her glory. Cousin Rachel is quite another story.

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