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Thursday, April 19, 2007



inda close... it was a portion of my bill! Yikes, it would feed a small country. They must think my name is Rockefeller... Laugh, are the in for a surprise!

I am probably behind the times so to speak since I normally go to the VA Hospital here in Houston and pay $0 for medical emergencies and/or treatments. However, this time it was an emergency as y'all know and there wasn't time to go all the way to the VA... so instead I hit Saint Luke's Hospital here in the medical center. Excellent hospital and one of the leading places in the U.S.

In case you're interested, here are some of the itemized charges:

$2,445.00 Room and Board - Semi-Private
$1,650.00 Intensive Care
$215.00 Pharmacy
$590.00 Med-Surgical Supplies
$4,327.00 Lab
$1,943.00 CT Scan
$5,602.00 OR Services
$862.00 Speech Therapy
$665.00 ER
$2,625.00 Cardiology
$6,786.00 MRI
$1,453.00 Drugs
$282.00 EKG/ECG

and the kinda really big one... Radiology Diagnostics --- $10,261.00

Grand Total = $39,706.35

This is only the first of I think 5 different bills. LOL

Observations and Questions
I'll be posting my mailing address in case anyone would like to donate food since I will be poor! LOL

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1946 Tim Curry Cheshire England, actor (Rocky Horror Picture Show). And in the death notices in 1987 Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum Actor (Mr Green Jeans), dies at 77.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Cuba : Bay of Pigs Victory Day (1961)
England : Primrose Day
Sierra Leone : Republican Anniversary Day (1971)
Uruguay : Landing of the 33/Desembarco de los "Treinta y Tres" (1825)
US : John Parker Day (1775) honors minutemen
Venezuela : Declaration of Independence Day


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