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Monday, April 16, 2007



heap high! Yes folks, the truth is out... I think I may become a Nyquil junkie! Since last we spoke, which was Friday I have had a pain in my back... not that low... but higher up in my shoulder blade. On a scale of 1 to 10, which 10 being the highest... this pain is a 15. I am talking excruciating...

It's like right inbetween my shoulder blade and the other bone... know where I mean? I've taken pain pills the Dr. prescribed for various aches and pains.. and zippo... nothing. Finally, I found some Nyquil... expiration date? Who cares... since I lost the plastic cap, I took a swig from the bottle.... in less than 10 minutes I started to feel good. LOL!! What pain? What shoulder-blades? Do I even have shoulder blades?

All weekend as soon as I flinched in pain... down went another swiggerie-pooh! I haven't felt this good in months. Swiggerie-pooh? I think I just coined a new word!

I've been awake since 12:30AM bouncing around the internet, getting into trouble at every turn. Some of you people need to be on at the same time I am and can get into trouble with me.

And now I am not even sure what this blog post was even about?

Is there a Nyquil Abuse support group?


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