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Monday, April 9, 2007



ow you can't complain anymore. Actually this eatery isn't new but I just spotted it... so it's new. Yes, you may need to drive a little way since it is in the Maldives! But sooooooo worth the view. Located at the Hilton Maldvies Resort and Spa, Rangali Island, the restaurant is called Ithaa - a word meaning "pearl" in the local Dhivehi language.

It's totally underwater! I think it's 7 meters undersea level. I'm not sure what 7 meters is... but it is sumberged. Complete with fish and sea life all around it.

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The restaurant is completely submerged underwater. Talk about fresh seafood.

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It seats 15 tables. I imagine in the event of a crack or something, with only 15 tables, there shouldn't be a long line to evacuate! Since the entire place is enclosed in glass... ummm where's the restrooms? Dinner and a show also!

Dinner ranges from $185.00 to $288.00, not including tip.

So what says we get a blogger party together this weekend?


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