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Thursday, May 10, 2007



e..... Will, 9 days or 10 days, I forget how more days now.... Is good to be back and kicking again. This time I have some wrinkles added. Time this I had the stroke on the left side which governs speaking. The words and thoughts are very clear in my brain, but then come the stuff comes out of my mouth and typing when all garbage! Shrug...

This time I didn't try to drive myself to the hospital, I called 911. Intially I had a stroke to the right side, on the next night I had another stroke of the other side. This did the damage. The cells swelled up, bigtime. I surprised them the swollen started to go down. Originally, I talked 100% garbaged. Each day I started talking better. I talk today about 90% normal. They say that correct to about 95%... shrug. I'll have about 95% of memory restored. They had other doctors look at me was I was recovered good it was amazed.

Well, little by little I will come along each day.

Also, thanks to the messages I for you to good speedy recover. I appreacted each of them!

I'm good to be back!!


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