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Friday, July 6, 2007



he year was ????... I forgot now... strokes have a funny have of erasing some memories... oh well... it was in the 2000's anyway. 99638 visitors have read the Not So Normal News. Since that very first posting about my Christmas lights, the News has enjoyed visitors from every continent in the world.

Damn. I honestly don't know how the numbers have gotten so big.

I actually remember getting 100 comments every day. It was getting out of hand and I couldn't keep up every day, with commenting and then visiting them and commenting on their blogs as well. I was writing and commenting in my head in my dreams. LOL

In a way, I'm happy where the commentors are right now. It's hard to get around to the blogs with the strokes. In if I don't always to them, you're forgive me. But I still enjoy your visits and comments just the same.

Will, here's to the next 100,000 (which it should turn 100,000 sometime early next week).

Thank you, each and one of you!!


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