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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



es, that's what I think sometimes. Last night I was watching reruns of CSI. Inside an insane asylum a patient is murdered. The murderer is caught as usally. The murderer is talking to the victim as he, the victim, is working with a potter wheel while making a clay urn. As the urn is whirl around the wheel and the man is handling the urn as it turns, the voice is also etched into the clay... just like a old plastic record was made years ago.

The CSI team take the urn, turn their computer on and picked out the voices on the clay. At the end of the show Gil Grisson made reference to the "Lazarus Bowl", whereby a woman in Biblical times was spinning a clay bowl on a pottery wheel and it was found there was voices on this urn... the language was an ancient Arabic. The make a long story shorter, it was discovered it was the voice of Jesus speaking the words to raise Lazarus from the death.

This story had a vague ring to it... I started looked through out the Internet for the Bible story. I hadn't found it. The even went to the Vatican library... surely they have this story. Nada...

I kept coming with story's from The X Files called Hollywood AD:

Scully relates to Mulder the story of the Lazarus bowl, a clay bowl made at the time Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, that recorded his words in the clay and has the power to raise the dead. Scully gives the bowl to resident techie Chuck Burks, who discovers an Aramaic voice, that appears to be one man commanding another to rise from the dead.

I could sworn I heard or read that they found this urn and and and.... oh well...

Have you ever had a situation you swore that something was true... only to come to find out it was all in your mind?

P.S. Yes, it really is 1 AM... ugh!


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