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Friday, June 22, 2007



he time is now, exactly at 12:21 AM... and you know where your Denny Shane is? Yes, he's sitting right in front of his computer and typing this blog article. Yes, wide awake... not in bed like normal people...

This is what 3 nights in a row now? I even had nice clean sheets and pillow cases on the bed... About 10ish I decided I was going to hop right into bed after my shower. Which I did... MmmMMmmMmmMmm... the sheets and pillow case smelled soooo fresh. and then I turned one way, then the other way and back again. I fluffed out the blanket... it felt so comfortable and warm.... and I layed awake thinking about the sheets, pillow and blanket.... then about the blanket, pillow case and the sheets. Then the refrigerator

I did accidentally leave the refrigerator door open? That's stupid since I KNOW I closed it. Okay, I may as well check it while I am going to the bathroom... Damn it! Why do I fall for this crap. I know the fridge door is closed... but I look anyway. Yep, shut and closed securely.

Ya know... I can sit here typing all night/morning since I am not going to bed anytime soon.

Well, I'll see y'all in the morning when you get here... I might as go put a pot of coffee... gonna be a looonnnngggg night.


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