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Monday, June 25, 2007



ow I have installed the Not So Normal News in 10 different languages!! In case you've missed them, the flags noting the languages are up above where I am writing. You can run your cursor on the flag it it will tell you what country it is there for you. I am debating putting the United States as an foreign language since I don't what we speak, officially, anymore.

Also, there are just 182 days left until Christmas! That's right... 182. In an effort to help you, I have installed the "Denny's Mall and Emporium" on the left side in the Index. Now I did my part by installing it... now it's your part... that part being whereby you go to it and maybe buy something! If you're going to buy anything on the Internet... why not buy from "Denny's Mall and Emporium"? We both win here! You buy the item you want and I make a small profit so I can buy a can of tuna fish for dinner next week!

The is another reason I need your help. I really want to you and look it over and tell me if I am missing something... Meaning items or whatever I don't have in there. Or could I organize it better?


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