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Monday, July 9, 2007



nce again my days and nights are all mixed up. I woke up and looked out the window... so dark, ready to storm and downpour at any moment. As I am standing in front of my bathroom mirror I think to myself that I better get to the store before I get stuck and can't get out.

First to Walgreens. There was a lot of people in there for this time of the morning... shrug. In the same shoping center is the supermarket. I better stop in and get dish washing detergent, lunch meant, etc. I noticed there was only cashier on duty. That's odd for this time of the day... usually there are a few of them getting ready to take of the early morning shoppers heading to work.

I grab my things, check out and figure I better hurry home before the clouds and lightening roll in and the deluge start. Once back at my apartment I can smell BBQ and spot where it was coming from and a few girls sitting sitting around a table. I thought that odd they were BBQ'ong that this time of the morning. Maybe they were having a party and hurrying to get the food cooked.

Safety back in my apartment I start to put the food away. In the meanwhile I start my coffee brewing. I love smelling freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Coffee done, food is put away... I pour the coffee into the cup and head into the den to sit down at the computer, to start my day. I take a sip of the coffee.... mmmmm so good. My eye glances down at the time in the corner of the computer...

10:30 PM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What????? My computer must be wrong. Maybe the battery has finally slowed down. I looked at my watched... 10:30 PM... no, no, no I jumped up and looked at the clock in the livingroom. 10:31 PM. Oh My God!!!!!!

I hate having my days and nights getting mixed up!

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