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Monday, March 12, 2007



o Guess Who? Yes, that's right... Me. Ugh, another one crossed off. I can remember how as a kid I couldn't wait for my birthday... I knew the party was coming, the presents unending, people singing... it was a fun time.

Yesterday was much different... I was grown up, moved into a new set of digits and running out of numbers. The phone calls from up north back home in Philly and Jersey started early. Everyone called.

Ok, it started thundering here in Houston, really LOUD. I am ending this blog entry really quickly before yesterday turns into my last birthday. If it stops I'll be back to finish it.

Okay, I'm back. I want to thank my blogger buddies who either wished me a happy birthday in the comments section or emailed me... and special thanks to the lady who sent me her panties as a birthday present! lol

And remember, the other day when I fell? Little by little my body got back to normal. My foot and ankle still hurt... my back feels like it went through a ringer, but otherwise I am feeling pretty good. Next time I am going to the hospital though and let them sort it all out. I am an old guy now, officially, I think.


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