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Thursday, March 29, 2007



awn Shop... Yes, I think I am one of the handful of people in this country that has never been inside a pawn shop... until yesterday that is....

I don't know why but I simply never had the inclination to visit one. It just so happens there is one not too far from me and I was driving past and had nothing better to do... how pathetic... nothing to do so I pull into the lot to visit a pawn shop. Please help me!

Anyway, once inside and looking around, I was genuinely surprised to see what was being offered. You name it and it was there. Golf clubs, microwaves, stereo equipment, diamond rings, electric knives... sabre saws... I had to get out before I discovered something that I absolutely couldn't live without...

After getting back home I sat down to enjoy a day of nothingness on my computer. I noticed my trash container next to the desk was full and figured it was time to change bags. I went to the closet to get a new bag and spotted 2 items sitting quietly in the corner of the darkened closet. An old portable 12 inch TV and it's friend a never-used VCR... Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Should I? Do I dare???

I did it.......

Within a half-hour I was back in the pawn shop... TV and VCR under my arm. "Hi, I bought these less than a year ago and now I am moving and need to get rid of these items." The guy behind the counter just knew I was lying. He looked them over and went to his computer after checking serial numbers... He looked at me and asked, "how much ya want for them?" Now I had to think... crap, I bought them a few years ago... at Walmart, so you know how much I paid for them... To make a long story short, he offered me $30 each. I know I paid less than $100 each at Walmart... I hesitated... and thought what do I do now? Just then a woman in her 30's walked out from the back room. Very hot breasts I thought.

She walked over and looked at my treasures... Then she looked at the guy and told him, "$40 each" and walked away. He nodded and I walked out with a fast $80!

I came home, feeling quite happy with myself. Unfortunately, I began to look around at some of the objects I had collected.... with different eyes. Hmmmmm....


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