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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



ell, the official verdict is in... accidental overdose. Yeah right... and who administered the accidental over-dose?

That's right... I am going on record... I say she was murdered... flat out... this was murder.

Now I bet, I don't have to say who I think was murdered... nor do I have to say who did the murdering... the inquest into the other murder begins today and they better come to the same conclusion that I have already formulated in my mind... so I don't have to mention the name... you already know the name. You know the murderer...

Plus I don't want to be sued for slander. LOL But it's ok if you want to mention the murderer's name in the comments section.

One last thing... when a person is autopsied there is usually the medical examiner and maybe one or two assistants. The other day I read there were 18 people assisting in her autopsy. Come on folks... geez, talk about Perv Central.


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