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Tuesday, July 31, 2007



o, no,I'm not gonna do it... No, no, I refuse... I am not gonna waste an another inch of space on these two... they'll do anything to get publicised by the Not So Normal News... Haven't I enough to make them what they are?

Hilton is now entering her sixth week as a free woman, after serving 23 days behind bars for violating probation on an alcohol-related reckless driving charge. The heiress has rebranded herself as a changed woman, volunteering at children's hospitals and making as many appearances at charitable functions as at the Hollywood clubs—which, it must be said, she has not completely forsaken.

Richie, meanwhile, is smack in the middle of her own legal nightmare, having pleaded guilty last Friday to driving under the influence of drugs following a wrong-way trip on a Los Angeles freeway last December. She was sentenced to 96 hours in jail, three years' probation, alcohol-education classes and fines.

Perhaps the experience inspired Hilton, who just confirmed she has begun rehearsals for Repo! The Genetic Opera, a musical thriller that begins filming next month in Toronto.

Oh God... please, please don't tell me Paris is gonna do opera???

Thanks, Denny
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