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Thursday, July 26, 2007



omer and family is set to splash across the big screen... this very Friday! All of the residents of Springfield, that we have come to love and hate, will be on hand to take part in the long-awaited, much anticipated screen flick of The Simpsons Movie.

I will actually go see it maybe after the crowds die down a bit. Yes, I've watched the show for... well... 18 years, including re-runs. You've got to hand it to the production staff for not allowing the show to recycle plots and story lines as many longtime shows have done in the past.

Some people may think I am a nitwit for spending money for this movie, but after this year's news, big and small, I am ready to be entertained, amused and even laugh out loud maybe...

This is actually openly talked about the Simpsons... I am a closet Simpoholic... a secret my family doesn't even know about. So is my deep-rooted secret, my psychiatrist doesn't even know about it... well up until now as she faithfully reads the Not No Normal News, not because it's news-worthily but because she's finds what is really beneath my tough exterior.

Ok... a show of hands... going or not going? Can't Wait or wouldn't be caught dead seeing this movie?

Thanks, Denny


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