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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



an you guess what that sound is? Listen... thump, thump, thump... C'mon, play along... thump, thump, thump. You give? I'm not gonna tell ya.

Well, today is the big day... when my little blog hits 100,000.

I thought about going out with a big finish... like TV shows that end their runs on a high note. Look what a big end did for Sex and the City... and they making a movie for the big screen. My big wish is for the movie... will Carrie appear nude like her co-stars? As devotees of the show know... she was the only one in the show that did not appear nude or even half-nude. What a let-down... Oh come on girls, even y'all wanted to see her undressed.

As far as a celebration goes today... shrug... maybe I'll take an extra dose of depression pill... lol Wheeeeee.

Or to hell with the diabetes and have one of those cheese-cherry cakes I have been dribbling about every time I go to the supermarket. Why it is everything I want is bad for me? What a sucky celebration this is gonna be!

Back to the original question. It is 12:30AM in the morning... what do think is the thump, thump, thump is?


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