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Monday, August 13, 2007



evin L. Erwin made his girlfriend sign a contract that said "I freely give myself to Kevin L. Erwin as a personal slave and life mate ... . I agree to make myself sexually available to Kevin at all times, 24/7."

Image Edited by Denny Shane

The contract also calls for the woman to get a divorce and marry Erwin as soon as possible. It bars her from ever again participating in Internet relationships or chat rooms. Here is another bizarre part of the contract. It explicitly states that the signee agrees to sexual intimacy "in whatever form Kevin deems fit."
The document also read that any breach of the purported agreement would cost the woman $100,000.

"I agree to pay Kevin $100,000 alienation of affection should I ever attempt to break this contract. This payment may not be included in any bankruptcy in the future. Payments will be made in 10, $10,000 annual installments."

The couple met through the Internet..... "uh huh.... lol" chuckled Denny Shane, editor of the Not So Normal News.

The one-page document also requires the woman to wear a collar and agree to any tattoos, piercing or branding as directed. She also is to submit to punishment from a whip, riding crop, electrical stimulation and cat-o'-nine-tails, a whip made of knotted cords.

She went to police after he tied her up for eight hours, branded her with the letter K, bit her several times, and shocked her genitals. (Editor Note: Why after 8 hours? Did she enjoy the previous 7 hours?) The woman had burns, bruises, rope abrasions and bite marks throughout her body when she went to Jackson Township police June 11. She told officers Erwin tortured her in the upstairs bedroom of the apartment the pair shared on Malibu Avenue NW.

Hey, hey, hey, I thought we had a contract here?! When he was arrested, Erwin told police it was a mistake and that he could clear up any confusion with the contract.

So a question comes to mind.... what will YOU do for love? I know some of the readers out there enjoy this and I expect some good comments! Or I'll get my TENZ unit out to make you submit!

Thanks, Denny
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