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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



s you have noticed I have changed some stuff around on the blog. Added a few things to hold some interest, deleted a few things I got tired of seeing and just changed odds and ends.

Do me a favor? Over on the right column, where I have the Drop List of blogs, please look to see if I have your blog. I went through the list and erased blogs that were either out of date, or out of commission... whatever. There is also the possibility I may accidentally erased you.

As of guessed... I don't have crap to talk about this morning. I had my speaking session with the speech therapist yesterday. She comes two times a week. I think I have come a long way since the last stroke. My sentences are 90% understandle now.

Know what? I am falling asleep at this desk, lol... it's 4:23 AM and I am going back to bed. Sorry for the no brainer blog article this morning. Paris hasn't even done anything interesting to blog about... I can't wait for the stealth shower pictures to hit the internet... lol


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