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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



es children... Last night I once I have found God again, and even called out to Him. While walking into my office, once again I stubbed my toe... my little toe... smashing it into the desk. I called out loud, "God damn it!" And I even went further, and I begged God to smite the desk.

And... don't laugh... if Paris told Babs Walters that she found God after spending 2 days in "prison", even I found Him again after stubbing my toe on the desk... again, and again, again, and yes... again... at least once a week stubbing my toe on this stupid desk.

Normally a prisoner discovers God after spending years in jail... death row inmates finally find religion someplace while walking that final 100 feet. Paris was set a record for finding God within 48 hours behind bars.

She even said she wanted to start a home similar to the Ronald McDonald Homes, only it is called "The Paris Hilton Home." Bang. bang, bang... <--- my head hitting my desk.

Cells in prison go for about $99 per night... Paris is living in luxury now as she moved in the hospital wing which goes for $1100.00 per night!

Now don't laugh... Paris is planning a book about her life behind bars... so young girls that who look up to her will avoid the hellish nightmare she has lived in the black jungle board!

I'm sorry guys, I am wasting more space on this story... but it this better than fiction. I never, never would believe it but I was alive to actually witness this mess..... and it's not over... and it's not over it... not by a long shot.

So come on... let's hear you really feel. Laugh!!


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