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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



scape to a deserted island somewhere? I was just sitting here looking over the headlines and stories from where I would pick a story to write about for the blog.

After reading for about a half hour, I was so depressed I should have taken an another anti-depression pill. What this world doing to itself? They don't ever sit down and look at the bigger picture?

I watched CNN and watched Hamas Islamist take over Gaza... I watched the destruction being done by themselves. The guy standing on a desk in Gaza city hall, raising his gun and shouting something. Can someone, anybody at all... please tell me what Hamas will bring to that region of the world?

Personally, I think the whole Iraq situation is a lost situation. How many more lives on both sides do we have bury before we pull out? We're not winning... shrug.

Then on the other side of the globe we have North Korea... big deal they are shutting down their reacter... there is anybody out there who doesn't think that the first time they don't get what they want the reacter gets turned on...

As far as Iran... we should have blown the place up when we had the chance.

And I believe we have a deal with bin Laden... you stay hidden and we won't capture you and execute you like Sadam. I don't for a minute think we can't find this guy.

And let's see... is there anything that pisses me off around the world?

Maybe I should not eat hot syrup banana splits before going to bed...

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