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Friday, June 15, 2007

WOW! 6,585,987th PLACE


veryone... I've made it to 6,585,987th place in the world out of all the bloggers in the world.... all 62,660,000 of them!

I can remember when my blog was just a twinkle in my eye, okay, maybe just a piece of "sleeper" in the corner of my eye...

With the old blogger gone I can't go back and look at how many articles but I think it's been about 1,000 articles, give or take a few. The Not So Normal News now reaches every continent in the world! And actually all of those countries are listed at the bannerhead.

The thanks really belongs to YOU.... the readers who have been here, through thick and thin, the fellow bloggers who come every day and plow my ending diatribes... put up with me everyday... all of the 97,189 people that logged on here as of 4:46AM this morning.

I know this might seem a bit over the top... what the hay... it's Friday and I have nothing else write about... so why not? LOL You know I am going to do? In celebration, I am taking the day off! Yes, I am not writing a blog article today!

I'm sorry, I know you come here looking for my morning news... but wait... know what just dawned on me... the Soprano's only made about 187 episodes... big deal! I've down about 1,000 articles, give or take....

Please don't forget to this weekend to come back and go to Stroke Laugh. Ok, ok... the article is already posted you so go read it now. But if you read it today then you won't have anything to read tomorrow!

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