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Thursday, March 22, 2007



hat is happening to our parents in this country? Recently two stories caught my eye and had me shaking my head. I forget now, but I am pretty sure both stories come from Florida... I can remember when we thought all the kooks lived in California... I think kookdom has moved to the Sunshine State.

The first story involved a first grader who had to being something into skool for Show n Tell. Everyone else brought in normal thinks like a doll or a play army tank... what did little Billy bring in? He brought in a rock... no, no not a normal rock... he brought in his mommy's rock of cocaine! Needless to say it caused a commotion in the school and mommy will be spending some time in the Big Doll House on the hill.

The next story is something else.... those of us parents hate telling our kids about the 'birds n bees' and actually avoid it at all costs. However, a woman in Florida and her boyfriend had a different approach with their 9 year old daughter. They decided having full-blown sex in front of her would help us understand. Apparently they showed her a few times.

The 9 year old on a visit to her father's house decided to tell him all she learned. The teaching couple were put on probation.

Observations and Questions
So any kid problems at your house? LOL


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