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Thursday, May 31, 2007



couldn't sleep and took a sleeping pill about 12 AM... and now just woke up...

Now I can't even think of a idea. LOL


Wednesday, May 30, 2007



s I sat here this morning at 4:09 AM, looking around trying to up with something to write about... my eyes scanned the top of my desktop. Since I can't come up with anything to write about, I would I list the things on my desktop.

Left to right, and not in alphabetical order... a not too scented evergreen candle, a slightly used tooth-pick, the computer camera, an regular camera, a pen, hospital bills in a pile. The we move on to my mouse and pad, a stapler laying on it's side, then a scissors, a half half-eaten bag of crackers, my car keys, a small container of Tic-Tacs, a small pkg. of those breath films, a tin of Altoids... (just never know when I will need fresh-sweet breath when you lived alone), another pen, a bag of sourdough pretzels and finally a bag of pennies that I opened and removed 5 pennies late night.

That was just the FRONT of row of junk. You better things to clutter in your mind rather than my desk junk. Tomorrow: Types of printer and color paper sitting on my shelve.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007



ou know something you nothing about. Even though this article belongs with the new weekend medical junk... this be good right here on the first workday of the new week.

Even getting out of hospital I now have 3 nurses that see multiple times a week. A head nurse, exercise nurse and a reading nurse. A Head Nurse checks my blood pressure, etc. The Physical Therapist makes me exercise and the Reading Nurse exercises my brain.

Friday, the Head Nurse comes and ask me if I have been taking my glucose reading daily with my monitor. Ummmm... well... I said "oh sure, it's fine."

She nonchanlantly says, "well, why don't you go it and will take a reading?" I'm thinking that this should be fun. I go get it and return. The needle-machine thingy in one hand and the needle in the other hand. Well what do you know... I can't operate the damn thing...

The Nurse saves the day and blames it on my stroke. Hmmmm, I have to tuck away that excuse... Completes the task and we get the test, mission accomplished.

Yesterday I decided to take my own reading. I should be doing this more of myself and more conscience of my well-being. Since I watched the Nurse the other day and how easily she did it. How bad could it be? I set everything up... now I got the silly needle and ready to stick it into the machine so it can stick me in the finger.

In goes the gentle needle... hmmm, a little loose, not a problem it still goes in... there comes the problem... the cap that covers the sharp needle and the entire top refuses to on to and securely closed.

The needle-tagger thingy ripped into my flesh. Called out to Saints I haven't ever heard of before. I perseverance for 5 for minutes. I am breaking out into a cold sweat. I am not allowing this small, crap of cheap aluminum needle get the best of me.

All of a sudden, the needle-rocket flew out of my finger and flew into my monitor. Bouncing from the screen, narrowly missing my coffee and dived head first into my buttered toast breakfast.

Ya know when were where a kid and dropped candy on the ground? Remember ya kissed it up to heaven and it was ok to eat? Would that work the way on buttered toast that had been stabbed with a diabetical needle?


Monday, May 28, 2007
Saturday, May 26, 2007



esterday, I mentioned something and said I will tell you about it. Hmmmm....

I don't should or not.... Here's what I do.... it involved constipation and dia.....

Oh hold.... here is a good example how a stroke, aside from mixed words and spelling works.... I have been sitting for 15 minutes to figure out to spell the opposite of constipation. I know what the word is... I can't spelling it or it look in up the dictionary. So not only can I not spell, this paragraph took me 23 minutes to write and correct the spelling of the all words in it.

Found this diagram of the brain and the functions of each side. Remember the I have had 4 strokes on my right side and I have done great with writing my blog. Two weeks ago I had stroke on my left side and I gotten done today dately.

I have all kinds of problems with speaking, typing, etc. Making words spell right and the spelling... this really SUCKS is bigtime.

Image Hosted by

It taken me 56 minutes to write this blog for to and make corrects so far... and to think the think word even though I know the word!!

It's one's self to have a stroke to begin to realize how complex we built and how we operate. This aforementioned sentence took 6 minutes to type.

AND GUESS WHAT??? I publish the blog, and read it, after edited... there are words STILL to wrong!!! LOL... I have to get down to practicing.

NEW READERS If you want to leave a remark but do not now how.... you on the right bottom of this article... right, see right there? Click there on the Editors to the Editor thing...


Friday, May 25, 2007



old your horses........ Oh God, you're not even to believe what happened to me this morning. The only this I have to write this few lines.

More or tomorrow maybe....


Thursday, May 24, 2007



es.....I goofed again. Once... guess what I did?

I walked into my kitchen this morning and guess what I see? The freezer door wide I open. I can't even begin to tell you the mess. LOL


Wednesday, May 23, 2007



es, I promise tomorrow I will a new post. This morning I have to go to the VA and the Psych doctor.


Monday, May 21, 2007
Friday, May 18, 2007



oman Coliseum. There you sat with friends, relatives and girlfriends drinking vino and having a great time! Or sometimes or just a drink of aqua. The more you drank, the more to ummm... well, you had to pee or worst.

What to do? I just discovered the Coliseum was not as primitive as you might think... There were 100 drinking fountains throughout the Coliesum.

After drinking from wine pouches or drinking water from fountains, now you have to pee... you would visit one of the 2 lavatories. One of the problems... ummmm, well... no Gents or Ladies separates toilets. That's right... Unisex bathrooms! One other thing... no doors... oh, another thing also... no toilet paper either... VOILA! enter the Bedate or how you spell it. Ummm, squat and water squirts up... all done, all washed.


Sometimes the defeated gladitors pretended to be dead, in order to escape death. The Romans caught on... so they walk around with hot irons... would stabbed you to see if you screamed and wave your legs in pain. They would finish off the job. LOL

Now how much do you learn from reading my blog? lol

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Wednesday, May 16, 2007



amely ME... As you know within the last month I had 3 strokes. The mail has not become to kind me lately. One bill from the hospital was for $39,000.00 for stroke #3. The #4 and #5 strokes that I just had happen... already was billed to me and was received yesterday... these were for $48,000.00.

Ok... the hospital bill of 80% will be paid by Social Security... ummmm wanna guess who the remaining 20% will responsible for? Did you say to the guy that has no money? Uh huh.

I just did an email to the VA Hospital and that since SS will pay the 80% would the VA pay the remaining 20%? I got a response that the law prohibits two hospitals to submit the same bills. I tried to explain to the VA that they aren't the same bills. SS will pay the first 80% and the VA should pay the remaining 20%. If I came to the VA for all strokes, they, the VA would have to pay 100%... I'm only asking that the VA pay the remaining 20%...

Everyone understand what I asking the VA to do? Do you think the VA can understand what I am asking them to do? Now I know I speak funny now, and can't always make sense of what am I saying, but come on guys... I keep getting a reply that the government prohibits two hospitals from paying the same bill...

I am NOT asking the VA to pay the same bill!!!!! I am asking they pay for the remaining 20%. Assume I went to the VA for three strokes... using the totals from St. Luke's Hospital, it would cost the VA $79,000.00... but because I did go to St. Luke's I am saving the VA about $64,000.00.

Will someone explain to me, please, PLEASE what I am not understanding here?


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NOT BAD... 3:15


onsidering my appointment was at 1:40 PM. I wore I was not wouldn't write anything bad about my visit yesterday. I was would only positive things today. Why would I think my visit would cause more strokes? throw in another a heart attack...

I brought the prescriptions to get filled there... for they are free Since they were written by other doctors, not from there... you would think they were written in Latin or something. The primary doctor called the stroke department to discuss them... after 15 minutes talking... I now had a appointment for Wed to see them and to "okay" the new prescriptions.

While the two doctors gabbed about the prescriptions there I sat, slowly burning.
I swear I hate government hospitals that I get for free.


Monday, May 14, 2007



eah... I am taking the day off. Today I have an appointment with my doctor at the "other" hospital which shall remain nameness. The one... the nameless one... you know what one I mean...

Amazing how two hospitals can be totally different. One can be so professional and the other be can so unprofessional. Unbelievable. At the proffesional one I an appointment at 11AM and was seen exactly at 11AM... Today I have an appointment at 1:40PM... I will be seen maybe around 2:30PM or later.

The only the I say for the unproffesional hospital is the parking free.


Thursday, May 10, 2007



e..... Will, 9 days or 10 days, I forget how more days now.... Is good to be back and kicking again. This time I have some wrinkles added. Time this I had the stroke on the left side which governs speaking. The words and thoughts are very clear in my brain, but then come the stuff comes out of my mouth and typing when all garbage! Shrug...

This time I didn't try to drive myself to the hospital, I called 911. Intially I had a stroke to the right side, on the next night I had another stroke of the other side. This did the damage. The cells swelled up, bigtime. I surprised them the swollen started to go down. Originally, I talked 100% garbaged. Each day I started talking better. I talk today about 90% normal. They say that correct to about 95%... shrug. I'll have about 95% of memory restored. They had other doctors look at me was I was recovered good it was amazed.

Well, little by little I will come along each day.

Also, thanks to the messages I for you to good speedy recover. I appreacted each of them!

I'm good to be back!!